HighRiver hopeful flood didn't claim too many heritage homes

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HighRiver hopeful flood didn't claim too many heritage homes

Postby Admin » Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:57 pm

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High River hopeful flood didn’t claim too many heritage homes

March 24, 2014. 2:20 pm • Section: Flood

It’s not bright green buds on trees signalling the beginning of warmer weather in High River this year, but the number of flood-wrecked homes starting to be torn down.

While the piles of construction materials are a sign of progress for families who are eager to rebuild, they’re also a reminder there is plenty of work yet to be done.

Kim Unger, parks planning supervisor for the Town of High River, is working to find out just how many houses there are in the community that are of historical significance to the town, a project side-tracked by the flood.

“A lot of the historical homes have been damaged by the flood waters and in the southwest there is truly no area that was untouched,” Unger said.

Phase 1 of the heritage inventory project, conducted in 2012, identified 20 commercial and residential properties in the downtown area that may have historical significance. Phase 2′s focus is the residential properties west of the downtown core.

Read more at: http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2014/03/ ... age-homes/
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