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Stampede expansion news

Postby Bob van Wegen » Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:25 pm

This thread, :!: updated August 2007, contains news about Stampede Expansion plans.

+ For information about the specific threat to Westbourne Baptist Church, go here: ... ?p=441#441

+ Link to the Stampede Expansion page ( :!: updated June 7), including a map of the expansion area:
A summary of the plans is posted below.

+ Link to the land use application for Stampede Expansion that went to Calgary Planning Commission on November 17, and was passed by City Council in January 23. It is a pdf document. ... 5_0057.pdf

A representative of CHI addressed Council and spoke in favour of those elements of the plan dealing with archeological investigation historic preservation. CHI encouraged the preservation of all 8 structures on the heritage inventory that are in the Stampede expansion zone. Photos and brief information about the 8 buildings is below.

Note the following excerpts from the plan regarding heritage:

Historic Resources

(a) Built Heritage
The City of Calgary’s “Inventory of Potential Heritage Sites” identifies 8 sites within the proposed Expansion area. Six of these sites will be retained, conserved and integrated within the redevelopment. (listed below*) The CES is investigating options and is meeting with the Calgary Heritage Authority to resolve the issues surrounding 2 sites: Westbourne Baptist Church (1910) and a Duplex Residence (1908). Measures under consideration include relocation within the Expansion area or archival documentation prior to demolition.

(b) Archaeological Potential
Three relatively undisturbed areas have been identified as having high potential archaeological value: level terrain atop Scotsman’s Hill; portions of undisturbed land flanking the Elbow River in the NE of proposed DC Site 1and 3; and terrain on north side of the bend in the Elbow River in south central section of proposed DC Site 2. No disturbance is proposed in any of these three areas. If any disturbance of the sub-surface
is contemplated on any of these sites, Historic Impact Assessments will be undertaken in accordance with Section 37(2) of the Historical Resources Act.

*To be retained:
Dafoe Terrace
Grocery/Apartment (Kinsmen Centre)
Oliver House
Weston Bakery
Stampede Corral
Rundle Ruins
To be demolished:
Duplex Residences on 3rd Street E
In question:
Westbourne Baptist Church
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Postby Bob van Wegen » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:09 am

Link to comments to City Council from Mike Giammarco, Victoria Park businessman and heritage advocate, on the Stampede Expansion land use, January 23, 2006. Mr. Giammarco has restored two designated heritage sites in Victoria, Dafoe Terrace and Fairey Terrace. ... ?p=442#442
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Postby newsposter » Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:22 am

News article about Stampede expansion plans: ... ?p=443#443

Below is a summary of Stampede Expansion plans courtesy of the Victoria Crossing BRZ website.

Stampede Expansion Plan

On August 10, 2004, The Calgary Exhibition & Stampede announced its long-term vision to expand and redevelop Stampede Park and re-energize its historic location as a year-round gathering place for the community.

New Agriculture Building

The current Agriculture Building was built in 1919 and is at the end of its lifespan. The new facility will be more than double the size of the current building, including stalling/exhibition space, a show ring, and classroom and youth program space to support the Stampede's extensive youth programs and deepen research and education partnerships with various educational institutions to bring urban and rural audiences together.

Casino relocation

The outdated Big Four building is currently home to the Stampede Casino, and Expansion Plans include the relocation of the casino to a new stand-alone building that can better meet the needs of the casino operations. An architect has been chosen to design the new casino, which will be built on the north side of the expansion area (12 Avenue). The relocated casino is expected to open in 2007.


The idea of incorporating a hotel onto the Stampede Grounds helps to create synergies between an expanded Roundup Centre, the new casino and the hotel for better economic development and entertainment opportunities.

Elbow River Bank

For the Elbow River Park & Greening Initiative, the Stampede will reclaim and transform the 30 acres along the river's edge into a park setting. This will link to other green spaces in the neighbouring areas, such as Fort Calgary and the Zoo, to potentially create a fully integrated urban park network. The park will be home to the new Indian Village, and possibly a Heritage Trail and Western Heritage Centre that permanently displays the many artifacts collected by the Stampede over its 120-year history and celebrates its relationship with the First Nations people.

Other projects in the development plan include an additional Roundup Centre expansion, an Agricultural Discovery Centre, a Youth Centre and a new main street and festival area.
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Postby newsposter » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:02 am

There are eight sites on the heritage inventory in the Stampede Expansion zone. Six are being retained, the 'duplex' is apparently being demolished (update: demolished in 2006) and Westbourne Church is still being discussed:

Dafoe Terrace at 1206 – 3rd St SE is a provincially designated site and is remaining under separate (private) ownership. The owner is Mike Giammarco - a link to his comments to Council regarding Stampede Expansion is in a prior posting. Stampede Casino will wrap around it to the east and south.

Duplex Residences at 1314/1318 - 3rd St. SE have been demolished.

Westbourne Baptist Church/Victory Outreach Church, 436 – 13th Avenue SE. The fate of this building, associated with Social Credit Premier Bill Aberhart, is uncertain. For more photos and information about the risk to this important building go to ... ?p=441#441

The Stampede Corral is staying, but may be surrounded by new development that makes it difficult to view. Historic information from the Calgary Public Library: ... tcorrl.htm
Photo from

The Grocery/Apartment 602 at 13th Avenue SE will continue as the home of the Kinsmen Club.

The Oliver Residence at 619 – 13th Avenue SE may become the office of the Young Canadians. Notable for its very unusual concrete block construction.

The Weston Bakery-Golden West Bakery, 640 14th Ave. SE will be part of the Olds College campus. (This is an old photo... most of the houses pictured in the are have since been demolished. New photo coming soon).
Below is an artists conception of how Olds College might use the building. Here is a link to more information about the Olds College Calgary Campus: ... campus.htm.
More about the building, courtesy Victoria Crossing BRZ:
640 - 14th Avenue SE

Since 1925 a bakery building has been located at 640 - 14th Avenue SE. The original, owned by John Mitchell, was destroyed by fire a few years after it was built. Mitchell sold the property to Thomas Cameron who built the current structure as a bakery in 1929-1930 which he called Golden West. Weston's Bakery of Toronto acquired Golden West in 1939. Cameron continued to manage the company until the 1950s and the building was used as a bakery until 1989 when it was sold to The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Currently the Weston Bakery building is being used by The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede as a warehouse and storage facility. The Weston Bakery will become a Calgary Campus for Olds College. The original building will go through extensive renovations in addition to a new
glass entryway. Another glass structure will be built adjacent to the Weston Bakery to accommodate the large number of staff and students expected to utilize the Calgary Campus. Olds College has partnered with The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede to include the new campus in The Stampede Expansion and Development Plan. A transitional facility located on the Stampede Grounds will be operational for classes starting in fall 2006 and the Weston Bakery facility will be completed by late 2008.

Rundle Ruins at 632 – 13th Avenue SE, the remains of Calgary's first General Hospital, are staying, although there has been talk from the Stampede about 'moving around' some of the remnants. There are concerns that the cornerstone is crumbling. See here:
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News of the Weston Bakery Building

Postby newsposter » Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:13 am

Excerpt from David Parker's Herald column, June 6, 2006:

The (Olds College) Calgary Campus to be located on the Stampede grounds using the old Weston Bakery building on the edge of the Elbow River. It was built in 1929-1930 and has been used as a warehouse/storage facility, but will be within the planned Youth Campus and form part of the Agriculture Discovery section.

A City of Calgary Class "C" Heritage Site, it will be renovated and added onto with a glass entrance and an adjacent glass structure that will offer a variety of Olds College courses to urban students. The first two programs will be a land administration certification program, and another in fashion retail marketing.

An interesting partner in the Olds program is the Weston Foundation, and Hilary Weston, wife of CEO Galen, is a former deputy chair of the board of fashion giant Holt Renfrew. The Calgary campus will eventually support an Apparel Institute.

BCMP Architects has designed transitional buildings that will be used by students until the renovation and addition is completed to the Weston Bakery building, which will be relocated at that time.

Go to the top of this thread for more about Stampede Expansion plans.

Link to Olds College Calgary Campus Page: ... campus.htm
Artist conception:
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Postby Bob van Wegen » Wed Jun 07, 2006 10:29 am

Artist's rendering of plans for the NW corner of the Stampede site. Historic Dafoe Terrace (photo above) is in the middleground to the left. Wrapping behind Dafoe is the new casino, presently under construction. The tall building is a concept for a future hotel on Olympic Way. To the right of Dafoe is the planned expansion of the Roundup Centre. :arrow: Go to the top for more news and information: ... ?p=184#184

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Postby newsposter » Sun Jul 09, 2006 2:00 pm

Link to a July 9, 2006 news story about Stampede Expansion ... 958d16afd1

Link to a July 9, 2006 news story about the demise of old Victoria Park. ... 35b23e2a3d

More about Stampede Expansion is posted above. Note also the continuing threat to the old Westbourne Baptist Church. Go here: ... ?t=254#254
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Postby newsposter » Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:43 am

In passing amendments to the Stampede lease in June 2007, essentially involving the transfer of 'expansion lands' to the Stampede, Council added that "Prior to the transfer of any Lands listed on Calgary's Inventory of Potential Heritage Sites...* that the protection and preservation of these sites be resolved to the satisfaction of the City of Calgary Senior Heritage Planner."

* The inventoried sites in the expansion zone are:
Westbourne Church, Grocery/Apartment (Kinsmen Centre), Oliver House, Weston Bakery (Olds College), and the Rundle Ruins (remains of Calgary's first General Hospital). The Stampede Corral is also on the inventory. (Note: Dafoe Terrace is privately owned and not in the expansion zone).

See posts above ^ for more, including photos.

In correspondence related to the this file, the Senior Heritage Planner indicated that municipal designation was the preferred means of protecting such sites.

From the June 25, 2007 minutes of City Council

Amendment to previously authorized amended and restated lease, transfer of beneficial ownership, land exchange and right of first offer to purchase.

That Council:
1. Approve the amendments to the previously authorized amended and restated lease as outlined in Attachment 2;
2. Approve the transfers and land exchange recommendations as outlined in Attachment 2;
3. Approve the right of first offer to purchase recommendations as outlined in Attachment 2;
4. Authorize Administration to negotiate the terms of an agreement with CES, to the satisfaction of the Director of Corporate Properties & Buildings, such agreement to provide, among other things, for the transfer of the exclusive right to the CES’s trade name for the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede in the event CES fails to host the annual Calgary Exhibition & Stampede for a period of two consecutive years;
5. Authorize Administration to resolve the future of the Beltline Community Association to the satisfaction of the Director of Community & Neighborhood Services prior to any disposition of reserve on the Community Centre lands or transfer of land ownership of the Community Centre lands; and
6. Direct that report C2007-49 including its Recommendations and Attachments remain confidential until the conclusion of the in-camera portion of the 2007 June 25 Regular Confirmed Minutes – 2007 June 25

Moved by Alderman King, Seconded by Alderman Jones,

That the Administration Recommendations contained in Report C2007-49 be adopted; after amendment as follows:

Attachment 2, page 4 of 6, item (2) (e) (iv)
(iv) Prior to the transfer of any Lands listed on Calgary's Inventory of Potential Heritage Sites as set out in Attachment 5, that the protection and preservation of these sites be resolved to the satisfaction of the City of Calgary Senior Heritage Planner.

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Re: Stampede expansion news

Postby corneliusduke » Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:19 pm

I worry about the protection of the rundle ruins. There is a plaque there and one of the persons at the dedication was Sir James Lougheed, Premier Lougheeds grandfather and an important man in Canada.
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