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Enoch Sales house news

Postby newsposter » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:42 pm

Updated September 2012

Updated May 24: http://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/ ... -park.aspx
Updated April 2012 with news of an open house to discuss plans for a park that may include the historic Enoch Sales house. See bottom post on page 2.
:!: This thread began with discussion of both the Enoch Sales house and "Rock Central", but has focussed on Enoch Sales since the Rock Central demo in 2006.-------------------------------------------------------------------

Update late September 2006:Rock Central has been demolished, but is commemorated in art and film, including Lock Fulton's "Breakfast at Rock Central", premiering at the Calgary International Film Festival - see the posts at the bottom. The fate of the Enoch Sales house remains uncertain, but there are efforts to relocate the house to the City-owned land immediately to the west, at the corner of Macleod and 12th Avenue SE. Presently a parking lot above the LRT tunnel. (plans confirmed as of June 2007)


A land use application (the first step to redevelopment) has been made for a large site in Victoria Park that includes two buildings on Calgary's inventory of potential historic sites, the 'A' listed Enoch Sales residence and the 'B' listed Moyes Duplex, more recently known as Rock Central, in the 300 block of 12th Avenue SE. Torode residential is the owner (the developer of nearby Arriva). There have been discussions about possibly relocating Enoch Sales to another nearby property.

See below for CHI's response to the application.

Victoria Park was once a thriving residential community, but only a handful of original houses are left. These are the most significant houses remaining in Victoria Park. Both are profiled in Harry Sanders' Historic Walks of Calgary. The houses are very close to another threatened historic streetscape here: http://www.calgaryheritage.org/CHIForum/vi ... .php?t=212

More information and photos will be added soon.

Enoch Sales house - Sherlock77 photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/sherlock77

Rock Central is best known as an incubator of Calgary's music scene over the past decade.
Rock Central - Entheos Fog photo

Photos of the famous Rock Central Stampede Breakfasts (7th, 9th and 10th editions) can be found in sets on pansapien's flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pansapien/sets/

Last summer artist Sam Hester did a show of portraits of the denizens of Rock Central - THE BROTHERS: PORTRAITS OF THE ROCK CENTRAL FAMILY BAND. FFWD article: http://www.ffwdweekly.com/Issues/2005/0616/art.htm


Rock Central is well known in the music scene as the home of “The Dudes” – possibly the Next Big Thing out of Calgary. The Dudes rarely fail to mention their Rock Central roots: http://www.thedudes.ca/

Another Rock Central grad is Matt Masters (Sam Hester's brother), the ‘The Alberta Reporter’. He celebrated the Alberta centennial year giving 100 performances across Alberta - his latest album is ‘Centennial Swell’. http://www.mattmasters.com/.

Paul Spence and Andy Sparacino of the Canadian cult classic ‘Fubar’ http://www.fubar-themovie.com have Rock Central roots.

Artist honours her band of 'brothers' Portraits pay tribute to Rock Central

Heath McCoy, with files from Jennifer Partridge, Calgary Herald June 25, 2005

Ask Calgary portrait artist Sam Hester, and she'll tell you she comes from a family of at least 18 brothers.

Only one of the 18 is an actual blood brother, mind you. Oh, and one is a woman.

Hester's latest art showcase, on display until June 29 at Artpoint Gallery in Calgary's Ramsay neighbourhood, is a celebration of this unusual brotherhood, forged in the fires of rock 'n' roll.

Confusing? Yes. But understand her inspiration and it's also quite touching.

Hester's brother is Matt Masters, a country rambler and singer of Alberta songs who's turned heads from Vancouver to Toronto with his backup band The Gentlemen of the Rodeo. For the past decade, Masters, 29, has been a key player in the Rock Central Stampede Breakfast, something of an underground institution during Stampede week.

Rock Central, once a nondescript house in the 300-block of of 12th Ave. S.E., became something of a music scene breeding ground when members of Calgary bands The Dudes and The A-Team began living there, along with a revolving door of local musicians and artists, including Masters.

Much of the group had grown up together in the upper-class Calgary district of Scarboro and the 102-year-old, three-floor, red-brick building served as a sort of party-house/jam-pad.

Hester, 31, grew to love the Rock Central crew.

"These guys are like a big, extended group of brothers for me," she says. All the music they've made and the Rock Central breakfast, it's been really inspiring for me."

Her art showcase, The Brothers: Portraits of the Rock Central Family Band, includes 18 paintings of these "brothers," including not only Masters and members of the Rock Central bands, but also pictures of the various close friends of the group.

The exhibit is not so much a celebration of Rock Central as of the friendships that spawned the place.

"I'm more a fan of their brotherhood," Hester says. "It's worth celebrating the fact that these guys lived in this unit. . . .

Everybody's friendship should have an art (tribute), sort of freezing in time where everybody's at."

Bob Quaschnick, 29, who plays guitar with The Dudes, is among those immortalized by Hester.

"It's flattering," he says of the exhibit. "The whole art exhibit is like a scrapbook of the last 10 years, of the last 10 summers. So walking around and looking at (the portraits) is very interesting."

Unlike Quaschnick, Masters hasn't yet seen the exhibit.

"I'm going to see it tonight for the first time," he says over the phone Friday afternoon. "But I was talking to a fellow named Dan Vacon yesterday -- a singer for The Dudes, he's actually the longest Rock Central resident of them all and features prominently in the show -- and he was saying he essentially went on a trip down memory lane through these portraits. So it sounds pretty cool -- a real archive of these 18 lives."

Alas, the Rock Centralites are coming to a crossroads, Hester says.

Those still living in the house have received an eviction notice for the end of August. It's expected Rock Central will be torn down as part of redevelopment plans for Victoria Park and the Stampede. (Newsposter's note: The house is not part of Stampede redevelopment, but a redevelopment across the street from the Stampede by Torode Realty).

This year's Rock Central breakfast, tentatively planned for July 16, will be the last of its kind. At least at the original address.

"It was something we always knew was going to happen," Quaschnick says. "I guess it's nice that it lasted this long.

"When we first thought of Rock Central being torn down, maybe nine years ago, we vowed that we chain ourselves to the house if they tried to tear it down. And the only way that we would get unchained would be if we could play a rock show while it was getting torn down," says the Calgary-based finishing carpenter. "But I don't think that's going to happen."

Masters has an equally strong opinion about the upcoming destruction of Rock Central's locale.

"Tearing down a 100-year-old building in Calgary that has served as a location for a rather unique and nationally acclaimed arts festival is, in my opinion, a travesty," he says. "I appreciate that business is business and that the city has to grow, but I just don't get it."

Meanwhile, the crew members are beginning to go their separate ways.

The Dudes, who have gained a national foothold, are going on tour.

Masters will also continue to hit the highway, guitar in hand.

Drummer Dan McKinnon has started a family. Paul Spence, who starred in the movie FUBAR (as the destructive Deaner) is firmly entrenched as an actor.

Another member of the crew is a Toronto lawyer and still another now resides in Vienna. Andy Sparacino, who still lives in the house, also continues to pursue music and acting. He too appeared in FUBAR.

"The house was a really magical place where these guys were able to live and do their thing," says Hester. "But (my project) is more about their bond; their ideas and creativity that could thrive anywhere."
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Postby newsposter » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:14 pm

August 1, 2006

File Number: LOC2006-0070

File Manager Dwayne Drobot

The property that is the subject of this land use application includes two
buildings on the municipal inventory of potential historic sites, the
Enoch Sales house (category A) and the Moyes duplex, also known as Rock Central (category B).

The Victoria Park neighbourhood was once characterized by houses and these were two of the better examples. Now they are two of few remaining
examples. If they are both lost to redevelopment, it is likely that in the
near future almost no original houses* will remain to tell the history of
Victoria Park. The Enoch Sales house is a building of high architectural
quality in a landmark location. Its neighbour the Moyes duplex is very
well known due to its decade as Rock Central, an incubator of Calgary’s
music scene. The two buildings are in the North Stampede Entranceway
character area defined in the Beltline ARP. Together they serve an
entryway function into Victoria Park and the Stampede district, signalling
the area’s authentic heritage.

Both buildings could be converted to new uses. Every effort should be made to retain and reuse these inventoried historic buildings, and to designate them as municipal heritage resources as part of this land use.

We may have further comments as the process unfolds.


Bob van Wegen
External Director
Calgary Heritage Initiative Society

cc. Ald. Madeleine King
Darryl Cariou, Heritage Planner
Beltline Planning Group

*The Oliver house in the Stampede expansion area is to be retained.
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RIP Rock Central

Postby newsposter » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:17 pm

'Rock Central', otherwise known as the Moyes Duplex, was demolished on September 5, 2006. It was a category 'B' on the municipal inventory of potential heritage sites. See the September 14 Fast Forward story for the obituary and some history: http://www.ffwdweekly.com/Issues/2006/0914/city.htm

:!: Here is a movie about 'Rock Central' premiering in the Calgary International Film Festival, Sept. 24: http://www.calgaryfilm.com/schedule.php?fd=477

Also see the stories above.

Its neighbour the category 'A' Enoch Sales house is still standing and may be preserved in the new development planned for the site. While leaving the house in situ is preferred, the City is apparently negotiating a possible relocation of the house to City-owned land immediately west of the current location, at the NE corner of 12th Avenue and Macleod Trail SE. This is presently a parking lot on top of the LRT tunnel. This would be a prominent location for the building, arguably adding to the heritage context in combination with the historic Curtis Block on the SW corner of the same intersection (assuming the Curtis Block isn't demolished - see here for more on that: http://www.calgaryheritage.org/CHIForum/vi ... .php?t=212).

:arrow: See above for more information and history about these buildings.
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Postby newsposter » Tue Sep 19, 2006 3:38 pm

Updated. There is a movie about the recently demolished 'Rock Central' premiering in the Calgary International Film Festival, Sept. 24:


Rockin' the end of an era - Film captures defunct Calgary music landmark
Nick Lewis, Calgary Herald, Sunday, September 24, 2006

They bulldozed it just last week. And the rubble that remains is a reminder that there won't be another breakfast at Rock Central.

For 10 years, the Rock Central Breakfast was one of the Stampede's real highlights, a cool counterculture alternative to the "yee-hah" yahoo-fests that some see as embarrassing for everyone involved...

Full Story (free as of posting): http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... 4d597e8669
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Postby newsposter » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:29 am

The land use application for the property including the Enoch Sales house is going to City Council for a public hearing on January 8. The land use application mentions the possible moving of the house to city-owned land immediately west of the site at a highly visible location along Macleod Trail (on top of the LRT tunnel). We expect this will happen. :)

Excerpt from the Land Use Application:
The southern part of the site contains the Enoch Sales residence; a single detached dwelling constructed in 1908. The exterior of the building appears to be in fairly original condition, and is listed as Category A on the municipal inventory of potential historic sites. The applicant is working with the Heritage Planner to preserve the building in an off-site location.

Link to the document:
http://www.calgary.ca/portal/server.pt/ ... 6_0070.pdf
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Postby newsposter » Tue Jan 09, 2007 8:43 am

The land use changes for the site of the Enoch Sales house (and formerly Rock Central, now demolished) passed Council on January 8, 2007. The land use changes bring the land into conformity with the Beltline ARP, including strong density bonusing incentives for maintaining heritage buildings. The City is in fruitful discussions with the owner to move the house to city-owned land immediately west of the current site (in the parking lot atop the C-Train tunnel at 12th Avenue and Macleod Trail)

CHI president Janet Woolgar spoke to Council on the value of the Enoch Sales House and the Macleod Trail historic streetscape generally. CHI had previously commented to City Planners (see above). Land use changes for the Curtis and Deutsche-Canadier kitty-corner from Enoch Sales were also discussed at Council that morning. There is another thread on that subject here: http://www.calgaryheritage.org/CHIForum/vi ... ?p=365#365

There were comments from the area Alderman (Madeleine King) in support of the heritage reported in the Herald January 9. See below.

Excerpt below:

Major projects aimed at Beltline
Land use changes allow development

Kim Guttormson, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Beltline's reputation as the new place to build was enhanced Monday after council paved the way for major projects in the area, which could add a few thousand residents.

"It's very exciting," Ald. Madeleine King said. "We made a commitment to make it possible for more people to live close to the core."

With the involvement of developers, the city is "following through on that commitment," she said.

As an added bonus, three of the sites are home to historic buildings that should be saved as part of the new development, the alderman noted.

"We're building a sense of confidence in the new sophistication of urban Calgary," King said.

Full story (free as of posting) http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... 44&k=79760
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Postby newsposter » Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:33 am

More confirmation of the long 'rumoured' news of the Enoch Sales house (see above ^), from David Parker in the Calgary Herald June 8, 2007.

It was Dan Van Leeuwen, president of Torode Commercial, who made mention of the help (City of Calgary Senior Heritage Planner Darryl) Cariou had been in solving what to do with the Enoch Sales house, sitting on a new development site. It is on the Category A list of heritage buildings and although a developer cannot be forced to keep a building, Torode wanted to save it even though it just could not fit into its design plans.

With a lot of time spent exploring other avenues and meeting with many other interested parties, it looks as if it will be moved onto the land now used as a parking lot above the LRT tracks that go underground at 12th Avenue S.E.

Full story (free as of posting):
http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... b0caacc8c2

Photo of Darryl in front of Enoch Sales, Mikael Kjellstrom, Calgary Herald

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Postby Chris E » Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:07 pm

Chris E
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Postby newsposter » Fri Sep 19, 2008 11:09 am

The project announced below is on the site of the Enoch Sales house, a Category A heritage site and one of the last houses in Victoria Park - basically kitty corner from the recently-demolished Curtis Block (r.i.p.). Years ago (early 2000s) there was a plan to preserve the house on the site as part of a new development. Ownership of the property changed to Torode, and then there were plans to relocate the house west, onto City land atop the C-Train tunnel, where there is currently a parking lot
(see June 8 2007 post above: http://www.calgaryheritage.org/CHIForum/vi ... ?p=896#896).

As far as we know that is still the plan, but the land is currently leased to the parking lot operator, which seems to be a complication. Let's hope this is all resolved, or another Victoria Park landmark will be lost.

http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... 7a5e1c95aa

John Torode towers over Victoria Crossing

David Parker, Calgary Herald
Published: Friday, September 19, 2008

... Torode Commercial has announced plans for another Victoria Crossing development just a block west of Arriva. The application is for a 293,000-square-foot residential/commercial development comprising two 12-storey mid-rise towers above a 38,700-square-foot retail podium. The 11th Avenue tower will offer approximately 90 residential condos and the 12th Avenue south side will become a 161-room boutique hotel.

They sit above three levels of parking with 383 stalls that provide the required parking for hotel, residential and retail/restaurant use.

Eileen Stan joined Torode as vice-president of development from her position as executive director of Victoria Crossing BRZ so she has a keen interest in the planned growth of the area. She appreciates that the first two storeys of masonry and concrete complement the historic character of the Warehouse District.

Designed by KA Architects of Cleveland, Ohio, in collaboration with Calgary's Abugov Kaspar Architect, the remaining floors are glass, topped by green roofs. A terrace between the two buildings is above a large glass lobby set back on the west side facing toward Macleod Trail, which will provide a gallery for displaying public art.

A restaurant, retail stores, the hotel lobby at grade and a high percentage of landscaped areas will do much to create a vibrant pedestrian environment that will help make Victoria Crossing the desirable district city planners and developers are working hard to achieve.

Subject to the necessary approvals, Torode expects to begin construction by mid-2009.
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Postby newsposter » Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:55 pm

The Enoch Sales house continues to sit in deteriorating condition. A February 9, 2009 report to City Council (M-2008-055) indicated that the City is investigating moving the house to a neighbouring City-owned lot (there are lots immediately to the west and north, on top of the LRT tunnel) and restorating / rehabilitating the building, but that seems to have stalled out. See stories above.

It would make a great building for offices of some kind.
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Postby Cody.k » Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:08 pm

Bump to top...
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Postby Cody.k » Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:09 pm

Dose anyone know the status of this building? I have heard it is currently on the Demolition inventory..is this true?!
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Enoch Sales update

Postby cjane » Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:52 pm

The Enoch Sales House is owned by the City of Calgary and is NOT currently on any demolition list, although demolition by neglect looms like the sword of damocles.

The City is currently negotiating with the owner of an adjacent site to have it moved. It's anticipated that once this hurdle is overcome, a project for adaptive reuse of the House will proceed.
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Postby newsposter » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:12 am

There is an RFP (request for proposals) out for the design of "Enoch Sales Park". This is a proposed park on the City land immediately west of the house, at 12th Avenue and Macleod Trail SE. The house is proposed to be moved here, on top of the LRT tunnel. Presently used mostly as a parking lot.

11-1568 Enoch Sales Park Design Development Plan

The City of Calgary seeks a consulting firm to undertake the Design Development Plan for the Enoch Sales Park. The Enoch Sales Park will be an exciting new park within the East Beltline Community of Calgary. The successful consulting firm will have experience in urban park design and development. The project will involve the skills of a landscape architect and public engagement facilitation. The outcome of the assessment work may lead to design services requiring the qualified firm to prepare a detailed design of the preferred location, Tender specifications, drawings and contract administration.

More info for vendors here:

http://vendor.purchasingconnection.ca/O ... 4153EFCEE&
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Enoch Sales House

Postby cjane » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:58 pm

Although the house is not under immediate threat of demolition, it is in desperate need of some TLC to help it last another Calgary winter. Development plans are pending for the site it's currently sitting on, which include moving the house to the parking lot on the adjacent site. Talks are ongoing to ensure it's future viability.
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