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National Hotel in Inglewood - news

Postby newsposter » Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:21 am

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Original start of thread from 2006:

A condo project in Inglewood that would renovate and incorporate the historic National Hotel and its livery stable has run into some major problems according to the Herald article below.

Here is a link to the condo project: The photos here are from that website. From the website of the developer: "The construction start date of National Condominium development has been postponed by the developer in order that unforeseen site conditions affecting the structure can be fully investigated. The discovery of these adverse conditions has resulted in the developer’s inability to comply with the original scheduled development dates. Apex remains fully committed to the viability of the community of Inglewood, the City of Calgary and the National Condominium project and further information will be available on this site as it becomes known." A news release is posted on the bottom.

Couple's penthouse dream cancelled with condo
National Hotel project pulled after two-year wait

Sean Myers
Calgary Herald

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Calgary couple is irate after waiting two years to move into their dream suite in a new Inglewood condominium complex only to learn last week the sale has been cancelled.

John and Lorraine de Groot had planned to live out their retirement in a penthouse suite in a nine-storey condo project that would have incorporated the historic National Hotel, at 10th Avenue and 10th Street S.E.

On Friday, the de Groots' down payment was returned -- plus interest -- and they received a letter from Apex National Hotel Project Inc. stating the sale was now "null and void."

According to the letter, the developer had been unable to obtain a building permit due to "unforeseen engineering and construction issues" stemming from higher-than-expected ground water levels under the site caused by the rain and flooding last summer.

"I feel like I'm getting ripped off," said Lorraine. "We really wanted this place; we loved it. We've been looking around and now, because the real estate market is so hot, we can't afford to buy anywhere else."

The de Groots said they put a small deposit on their $369,000 unit at the end of 2004 followed by a larger down payment later. Their plan was to sell their home in Glendale to help pay for it.

The price of their house, however, has not kept up with the rapid increase in real estate prices in the inner city over the past two years and they said they've been priced out of the market.

"We've been willing to wait all along," said Lorraine. "We want to know, when they finish their redesign, will we be given the opportunity to come in on the same square footage at a similar price or are they just going to come back in a year with a few changes and sell them at double the price?"

Frank Boyd, president of the project, is on vacation and couldn't be reached for comment. A phone message left for another spokesperson for the developer was not returned Sunday.

Ald. Joe Ceci said Apex told him the sales had to be cancelled while the developer deals with issues such as water flowing under the site at a rate of 34,000 litres per minute.

He said Apex hopes to have a new design ready in the fall or early next year.

The city approved the rezoning of the site for development in September.

The 120-unit project was 60 per cent sold, according to a sign in the window of the Inglewood sales office, which was closed Sunday.

The de Groots said they can understand if extenuating circumstances have arisen, but after the time and money they've invested in their purchase, they would like a chance to discuss options with the developer.

Ceci said he hopes Apex will work with buyers who are still interested.

"I am concerned for the people who bought in and are now left without a place," said Ceci. "It would seem to me there should be some commitment to those people who showed a commitment to Apex."

© The Calgary Herald 2006
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Postby newsposter » Fri Mar 31, 2006 11:32 am

FROM: Frank Boyd
DATE: March 27, 2006
Calgary, Alberta

Frank Boyd, President of Apex City Homes, on behalf of National Development LP., announced today that the development of the National condominium project located in historic Inglewood has been postponed indefinitely.

“A significant and unforeseen adverse site condition may require a redesign of the current proposed building resulting in delays beyond what we would consider acceptable based on our previous timelines”, explained Mr. Boyd. “Given the importance of this site and our intense desire to deliver a project we can be proud of for years to come, we believe it is our responsibility to the City and the Inglewood community, our contractors and ultimately our clients to ensure all contingencies and matters of importance are fully reconciled before we proceed. As it currently stands, this is not the case and more time is needed to resolve all the outstanding issues” he said.

All existing sales agreements for purchase of units within the project are still conditional upon the removal of the developer’s conditions prior to March 31, 2006. These conditions can not be met and accordingly, all deposits currently held in trust will be returned immediately and the sales
will be terminated. “Although the sales agreements did not provide for the generation of interest on deposits, we have elected to calculate and forward interest to the purchasers as good will”, explained Mr. Boyd.

Mr. Boyd adds that “our company firmly believes in the viability of this project conceptually and the long term positive impact its development will have on our city. We trust the existing purchasers and those with future interest in the National will accept our position in this regard as
we continue to work with diligence on finalizing the development.”
A future timeline is not available at this time.

Mr. Frank Boyd
President, Apex City Homes
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'River' forces halt to condo project

Postby newsposter » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:25 pm

'River' forces halt to condo project

Marty Hope
Calgary Herald

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Although what has been described as an underground "river" flowing beneath Inglewood has delayed a proposed condo complex, the developer is adamant the project will eventually proceed.

"The National will happen," says Paul Betts, vice-president of sales and marketing for Apex Limited Partnership.

The National condo project -- which will include renovations to the historic National Hotel in Inglewood -- has been indefinitely postponed while the company deals with a "significant aquifer" under the site, he says.

"This situation was totally unexpected and there will be lots of sunrises between now and when we get this project going," says Betts.

The inner-city site is located at the corner of 10th Avenue and 11th Street S.E. Plans for the hotel included its redesign to house eight townhouses and 5,200 square feet of street-level retail space.

Adjacent to the hotel was to be a trendy, nine-storey building containing 120 apartment condos and four more townhouses.

While disappointed that the project is being postponed, the president of the Inglewood Community Association says he understands why the decision was made.

"We always knew there was a river under Inglewood, but we didn't realize how large it was," says Gian-Carlo Carra, who is also an urban designer. "Estimates I've heard since the rains of last June say there is enough water to service a city the size of Lethbridge on a daily basis flowing down there."

The unusually heavy rains led to above-ground flooding in parts of Calgary, including much of the golf course operated by the Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, as well as the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

One of the oldest communities in Calgary, Inglewood is near the junction of the Bow and Elbow rivers east of Fort Calgary.

In a letter to prospective buyers who put deposits down for units, Apex president Frank Boyd sent his regrets about the project.

The company not only refunded 76 deposits "due to the unforeseen circumstances," it added five per cent interest, says the letter.

When the project is put back on the rails, people who had their deposits returned will be given the first chance to repurchase before sales are released to the general public, says Betts.

But because of the additional costs due to resolving the water problems, he says he is unable to confirm the prices of units -- "except to say they will increase."

Brian Imeson, owner of Circa Vintage Art Glass in Inglewood's Ninth Avenue business district and a 10-year resident of the community, put down a deposit on a penthouse suite in the National in 2004.

Among his concerns is whether people who were refunded deposits would have an ownership option at some later point.

"I was told by Paul Betts that we would have first right of refusal when the suites become available," says Imeson, adding he was told there would be an "upcharge" to recoup construction costs related to the water table issue.

In his letter, Boyd says the problem was exacerbated by the extensive rains of last June.

"Given the importance of this site and our intense desire to deliver a project we can be proud of for years to come, we believe it is our responsibility to the city and the Inglewood community, our contractors and ultimately our clients to ensure all contingencies and matters of importance are fully reconciled before we proceed," he says in the letter.

"As it currently stands, this is not the case and more time is needed to resolve all the outstanding issues."

The redevelopment of site is "important for Inglewood," says Carra.

"It was going to serve as a gateway to the rest of the community. We will do what we can to help facilitate a successful conclusion to this problem and then get on with the development."

The project not only involved the redesign of the hotel, which was originally built in 1907, but the refurbishing of what is the last standing livery stable in Western Canada.

The dilapidated red barn was to be removed from the site, rebuilt using as much original material as possible, and then returned to its original location just to the west of the hotel.

A news release from Boyd says the company "firmly believes in the viability of this project conceptually and the long-term positive impact its development will have on our city."

Imeson admits to being a "big fan" of the project and has every intention of taking Apex up on its right of first refusal.

"This is a crucial project for the future development of Inglewood and I want to be a part of that," he says.

© The Calgary Herald 2006
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Postby newsposter » Sat Apr 15, 2006 10:29 am

Back on track: Stalled projects revived as builder wins top award

Marty Hope
Calgary Herald

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A pair of highly-anticipated condominium projects by Apex Limited Partnership could break ground later this year, says a company official.

After being honoured as multi-family Builder of the Year at the recent SAM (Sales and Marketing) Award, Apex vice-president Paul Betts said heavy equipment could be rolling on the Union Square and The National Condominiums sites as early as this summer.

"Last year was busy for us with the completion of our West 69th project, and with these two projects scheduled to be coming on later this year, this year should be even busier," he said.

At the awards, Union Square won for best multi-family show home in the 800- to 1,199-square-foot category.

Apex was also a finalist in two other multi-family categories -- Customer Choice among large-volume multi-family builders, and for best detached sales centre for The National.

The awards were presented during the 19th annual SAM Awards gala hosted by the Calgary Region Home Builders Association.

"It was a compilation of all the points in these and other categories that gave us the Builder of the Year Award," says Betts. "It's always nice to get that recognition from our industry peer, but what was even more pleasing was our strong showing in the Customer Choice category."

The Customer Choice segment of the awards is based on voluntary surveys by homebuyers rating their builders' level of service.

The surveys are compiled by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

Just as gratifying as the awards was the news that Union Square and The National Condominiums were to proceed.

Last month, the company had called an "indefinite" postponement of the National Condominiums project in Inglewood after the discovery of a "significant aquifer" under the site.

It's located at 10th Avenue and 11th Street S.E. on the site of the National Hotel.

The original design called for eight townhouses and 5,200 square feet of street-level retail space in the hotel building, while the adjacent land was to be developed for a nine-storey apartment condo building and four more townhouses.

A third component of the development was the refurbishing of what is the last standing livery stable in Western Canada.

The dilapidated red barn was to be removed from the site, rebuilt using as much original material as possible, and returned to its original location to the west of the hotel.

"The National project is definitely going to happen and we think we could be in the ground this fall," says Betts, adding that engineers are currently studying two options to get past the water problem. "I think we'll have to raise the building, but we won't know for sure until we get the engineers' report back."

Union Square -- on First Street S.W. between 13th and 14th Avenues on the site of the popular Mescalero nightspot --could already be under way while Apex awaits the final report on the National.

"Everything is on schedule," says Betts. "We're in the final phases of getting our development permit approved by the end of June and get into the ground shortly after."

It was nearly a year ago that Apex opened its on-site sales and presentation centre for the twin-tower, mixed use project,

Union Square is to hold 340 apartment condos, townhouses that will look on to Haultain Park, as well as about 18,000 square feet of street-level retail space and a restaurant.

Brick from a six-storey, burned out tower will be reused in the development, and the three-floor Underwood Block, circa 1911, will be retained. Apex will also contribute about $250,000 to a $1-million facelift for Haultain Park.

The historic Haultain School, located in the park, will also get a major facelift. "Both Union Square and The National are significant projects for Apex," says Betts.

© The Calgary Herald 2006
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Postby newsposter » Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:29 pm

Some great news about the National Hotel and livery stable in Inglewood in David Parker's column. A previous project launched and crashed back in 2006 (see above post), so it's great to finally have some good news.

Here is a link to a pdf of the story, including an image: ... v_2010.pdf

National Hotel gets Inglewood facelift
By David Parker, Calgary Herald November 25, 2010 10:01 AM
Read more: ... bae4091fd1


...Built in 1907 a half-block off Atlantic (9th) Avenue S.E., the three-storey wood frame, yellow brick-clad structure was a tavern and hotel for transient workers. Adjoining it to the west is the livery stable that for many years was an auction mart where you can still see stalls for about 50 cattle.

(The owner) plans to renovate the stable with dormer windows on the second floor under a new hip roof. The main floor will form part of a new shopping street, including the former beer parlour that wraps all the way around the hotel. In total it will have 8,000 square feet of retail space that Kerr hopes will attract more unique, locally owned shops to the area.

The National is undergoing a total renovation under the experienced eye of architect Lorne Simpson, a specialist in heritage buildings. The second and third floors are being upgraded -- using original woods and brick -- into 10,000 square feet of well-designed modern office space...

Read more: ... bae4091fd1

Here is a link to some information about the National Hotel and livery stable: ... 3637&pid=0
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Postby newsposter » Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:07 pm

News of the National Hotel and its associated livery stable in the February 10, 2012 edition of Swerve. The Hotel will become retail and office space by later this year. And there are also positive plans for the barn. ... venue-s-e/

A Letter to the editor followed this story:

By H.M.J. Nijssen, Calgary Herald February 15, 2012
Re: "Inglewood Barn," Feb. 10.

It is my strong opinion that John Kerr deserves formal recognition for the wonderful work he is doing in preserving the century-old Inglewood Barn. Too many of Calgary's historic buildings have disappeared, so Kerr's work in preserving Inglewood's historic buildings has given this neighbourhood a fascinating and colourful character to be cherished for many more years.

H.M.J. Nijssen, Calgary

Read more: ... z1mUU9QOpj
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Postby Admin » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:06 pm

Photo by Algernon of some of the new south facing retail space revealed at the National Hotel.

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Postby newsposter » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:08 am

A roaring passion for heritage: Inglewood historic site under rehabilitation

May 15, 2012 06:16 PMCategory: History & Heritage

Calgary has long been a city that places a heavy emphasis on the revitalization and preservation of its heritage buildings. The ongoing restoration of Inglewood’s National Hotel and the East End Livery Barn –a structure that seemed beyond repair – is an instance of the passion for heritage retention in Calgary.

As a well-known site within the Inglewood district, the National Hotel’s presence serves as an architectural reminder of Inglewood’s history and rapid growth. The adjacent East End Livery Barn is one of Calgary’s last remaining examples of a livery stable, a crucial component of the community’s early fabric.

Although this site has remained untouched for years, owner, John Kerr is enthusiastic about its potential. The rehabilitation of this site is fully underway, expected to be complete by the end of this year. The character structure will become a functioning office/retail space – thus continuing its legacy within the community of Inglewood.

Such heritage rehabilitation is the focus of the Calgary Heritage Authority’s upcoming biennial Lion Awards and is an example of the kind of work that gets noticed for its value to our city.

“The Lion Awards celebrate efforts to preserve Calgary’s great history,” says City of Calgary Heritage Planner, Clint Robertson. “Although this particular Inglewood site will not be completed in time to be eligible for the 2012 Lion Awards, it exemplifies the projects that we aim to recognize.”

This year’s Lion Awards features six awards categories, including community revitalization and resource conservation. The application deadline of June 1, 2012 is quickly approaching; eligible projects are encouraged to submit an application.

John Kerr, as well as City of Calgary Heritage Planner, Clint Robertson and Calgary Heritage Authority member, Judith Umbach will be available at the National Hotel and East End Livery Barn at (1036 10 Ave S.E.) for interviews and photographs today, Wednesday, May 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For more information on The Lion Awards, visit
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Postby newsposter » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:10 am

CREB Now posting, July 9, 2012
(Calgary Real Estate Board) ... buildings/

Breathing New Life Into Old Buildings

by Kelsey Hipkin on Jul 9, 2012

Calgary’s National Hotel and East End Livery restored for commercial use

An old hotel and livery barn are getting a new lease on life in the Calgary community of Inglewood.

The National Hotel was constructed in 1907 and began operations a year later. In 1908, the East End Livery Barn was constructed to house the horses of the hotel’s patrons. The building was purchased by Ansonia Property Management Inc. in March of 2010.

“It was originally slated to be condos, so we had to do the appropriate zoning so we could use an office and retail usefor it,” said Jane Kerr, vice president of Ansonia, who owns the two buildings along with her parents John and Oreal Kerr. “Old buildings take a lot of time — nothings easy. It’s not like a new build (with) everything straight forward and you have a plan, that’s what happens; it’s like you have a plan and run into a snag and its back to the drawing board.”

The Kerrs aren’t strangers to breathing new life into historical buildings in Calgary. Among other things the family is also responsible for the restoration of Inglewood’s Garry Theatre, Burn Block and Fraser Block; whose reincarnations allowed for the Ironwood Stage & Grill and several shops and eateries in the trendy community.

The process of restoring the hotel to its former glory has required extensive work such as leveling floors, putting in new footings, and removing brick, turning it around and replacing it for a fresher look.

“An addition was built between the barn and the hotel in the ‘50s and it was a sort of notoriously rough beer parlour up until the ‘90s,” said Jane.

That notorious beer parlour’s (located on the first floor of the hotel) exterior has been refaced using paint colours John found from an early 1900s colour fan deck, just another painstaking attention to detail in the buildings restoration.

Jane explained the main floor has been repurposed for commercial purposes and while Ansonia hasn’t done any marketing or accepted any offers yet, several restaurants have expressed interest in the space. The second and third floors of the building have already been leased by Gunnar, an engineering firm and will include a modular system for the walls, meaning they can be rearranged if necessary.

As for the livery barn, when vehicles came onto the scene and horseback faded as the ideal mode of transportation, it went through several transformations.

“Initially it was a feed barn, then it was an auction barn then it was sold to Calgary Brewing and Malting company, then the family who had it originally as an auction barn bought it back — the MacLean family — and it was an auction mart as far as the ‘90s,” said Jane.

The barn fell into disrepair, a haven for local pigeons, until the Kerrs came along. Its restoration has been included in a yet-to-be-named reality show with the first episode featuring it set to run in January 2013. Commercially, Jane has hopes of the barn becoming a restaurant or event centre while John imagines something along the lines of an antique store. The National Hotel and East End Livery project is slated for completion by late this year.

Restorations like that of the National Hotel are examples of the kind of work showcased by the City of Calgary’s biennial Lion Awards. The awards recognize citizens and groups who have undertaken initiatives of any scale in support of heritage conservation in Calgary. While The National won’t be done in time for this year’s awards it’s exactly the kind of project touted by the awards said Clint Robertson, heritage planner, land use planning and policy with The City.

“A project like this is definitely on the upper end of the spectrum,” he said.

The 2012 Lion Awards take place Aug. 1 at the new Calgary Board of Education headquarters.
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Postby newsposter » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:17 am

The Calgary Herald's David Parker (will post date and link soon, writing from memory here...) notes that the National Hotel upper floors will be receiving office tenants in the near future. The worst kept secret in town is that the old livery stable and auction house, long vacant, is the new home base and warehouse of Canadian Pickers' Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, which is awesome news. Watch for it on the show.
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Postby newsposter » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:41 pm

Canadian Pickers held an auction from their new home, the former livery stable of the National Hotel! Look for this great Calgary historic site on the TV show. Meanwhile, here are stories from the Inglewood community newsletter, and story and video from CTV Calgary ... n-1.989204 ... WEB_OP.pdf

excerpt fromthe Inglewood story:

...(Picker Sheldon) Smithens praised John Kerr, who owns the old National Hotel building and the 104-year-old livery stable, for the amount of work done and care taken to restore the stable, which now meets with the Calgary building code. Much of the original building was preserved and the renovations attempted to replicate the original interior as much as possible. The north interior wall and the floors are original and you can still see the numbers of the horse stalls. Extensive work was necessary on the roof, which was similar to swiss cheese and had become a repository for pigeon droppings. Current
episodes of Canadian Pickers on the History Channel show the progression of the renovation...
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Postby newsposter » Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:08 pm

New lease on life for historic ex-hotel
By Claire Young, Calgary Herald November 18, 2012

The historic National Hotel building in Inglewood was to become a condo project with townhomes and apartment-style units. With a change of owners and a new vision, it is now becoming a home of a different sort. An engineering company is preparing to move into the restored second and third floors of the wood-frame building, which was built in 1907 at the corner of 10th Avenue and 11th Street S.E. Ansonia Property Management Inc., the new owners’ company, is seeking retail or restaurant tenants for the main floor. The adjacent East End Livery Barn — one of the last surviving hotel livery stables in Western Canada — has been transformed into a set for the Canadian Pickers TV show...

Read more, and find more photos, at the link: ... z2ChlojDss
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