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President Apartments redevelopment news

Postby Chris E » Wed Dec 21, 2005 12:42 pm

:!: Updated July 2010 - see posts on page 2 of the thread


Background on current status:
The President Apartments was recently added to the Municipal Inventory of Potential Historic Sites (category B). On December 16, 2005 the new owners submitted a land use application to the city to allow redevelopment of the site and in March 2006 they applied for a demolition permit. On March 30, in response to strong support for the President from the community, CHI, Alderman King and many individuals, the owner had a change of heart and the demolition permit application was withdrawn. In June the community and CHI members were shown an innovative new proposal that would save the President Apartments and incorporate it in a new development. On July 20, 2006 a new land use application was made for redevelopment including preservation of the historic resource. This land use passed in March 2007. A development permit application was made in May 2007 and went to Calgary Planning Commission Feb 2008. A bylaw for historic designation was to go to City Council in March 2009, but did not go forward due to the owner deciding to subdivide the property, which would change the designation bylaw. Awaiting an update on that. In the meantime, with the change in teh economy, the redevelopment seems on hold and the President, vacant for several years, is being prepared to open up again as a residential apartment.


Click here for historical information and photos:

In the fall of 2005 the President was purchased by the developers of the Renoir Suites condos - long planned for the empty lots to the west: They are considering modifying their project by incorporating the President in the development and/or transferring unused density from the President to another site. Demolishing the President is also a strong possibility.

At this point (March 15, 2006), comments with regard to the potential demolition of the President Apartments are best directed to Alderman Madeleine King:
And cc to (City Heritage Planner) (that's us, so we can help your voice be heard) (the community association planning group)

If anyone has more news or comments, please feel free to post. The latest information is at the bottom of this thread.
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Postby Lucas Rojek » Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:18 am

Please note Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught are amongst those most interested in seeing the preservation of the President. I've included a copy of our recent comments to the proposed land use redesignation.

We are also supporting the City heritage planner in pursuing alternatives with the applicant.

- Lucas Rojek, Chair Beltline Planning Group


January 16, 2006

To: Dwayne Drobot
Cc: Darryl Carriou, Manu Chugh

RE: LOC2005-0133 to accomodate highrise apartment (801 12 Ave SW)

Dear Dwayne,

The subject site includes the President apartments. Beltline Communities strongly supports the preservation of the President apartment building as it stands. We find that its preservation fully serves the Blueprint for Beltline and the objectives of the Beltline Plan. This is a potential heritage inventory site that adds a great deal to the community. We have toured the interior of the building with City heritage planner and the applicant and find that the interior is of extraordinary value. Demolition of the building would be totally unacceptable.

We continue to support the land use that is currently in place on the portion of the assembled site that is directly west of the President building and find that it is adequate to meet the goals of the Blueprint for Beltline and the draft Beltline ARP.


Lucas Rojek
Chair, Beltline Planning Group

Beltline Communities

670-5499 ext.2
Lucas Rojek
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CHI comment on President land use

Postby newsposter » Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:25 pm

January 16, 2006

Re. LOC2005-0133 (801 12 Ave SW)

To: Dwayne Drobot, File Manager
Cc: Darryl Cariou, Heritage Planner
Ald. Madeleine King
Beltline Planning Group

Dear Mr. Drobot,

The Calgary Heritage Initiative strongly opposes LOC2005-0133 (801 12 Ave SW) redesignation to accommodate a highrise apartment. The proposed bylaw would facilitate the demolition of the landmark President Apartments, apparently for the expansion and redesign of the previously approved Renoir condominium project to the west. The President is an
architecturally and historically important building in the Beltline. It is
being considered for inclusion on the municipal inventory of potential
heritage sites, and has been researched by the Calgary Heritage Authority
(summary provided).

The President serves a landmark function on the corner of 7th Street and
12th Avenue SW, and contributes to a collection of important buildings in
the centre of the Beltline. On the 7th Street axis, this includes the recently renovated McArthur Furniture-Sherwin Williams warehouse (former Heaven's, now Royop head office), Wesley Church (Calgary Opera Centre), the McClung house and the Anderson Estates. On the 12th Avenue axis it includes Central High School, the Barnhart Apartments, the Lorraine, and Jack Long's modern Franklin House (Exud). The Lougheed House heritage area is nearby. The expected demolition of the original buildings across the intersection for the proposed Xenex project will make President's landmark heritage function even more prominent.

The previously approved (and marketed) Renoir project provides urban
density, and the retention of the next-door President provides urban
variety, which is equally supported by Blueprint for the Beltline and the
draft Beltline ARP. The President contributes in a meaningful way to the
character and heritage that is strongly supported by Beltline residents,
and so necessary for the Beltline to grow and mature as an interesting and
attractive urban community.

Heritage policy tools and incentives for the preservation and productive
use of the President are available to the owners, including density
transfer. The public interest, including municipal policy goals related to
heritage and Beltline development, are best served by retaining the
landmark President, while the Renoir project proceeds in the lots to the
west. We therefore ask that this land use application be refused.


Chris Edwards and Kristi Johnson
for Janet Woolgar, Chair
Calgary Heritage Initiative
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Postby newsposter » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:59 pm

The developers of the Renoir are also the developers of the Twin Sisters project (a proposed pair of 45 storey condos at 10th Ave and 14th Street SW). The Renior website now indicates that the Renoir is 'no longer available' - but that the Twin Sisters will be launching in March 2006.
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President Apartments -- Demoliton Permit Application

Postby Rob Taylor » Wed Mar 15, 2006 10:15 am

It has come to our attention that the owner has applied for demolition of the President Apartments in the Beltline. This building has been identified as a significant heritage resource in our community district. We are deeply concerned.

The owner is proceeding to demolition without having properly investigated the various options that the City can provide for incentives to facilitate preservation, rehabilitation and incorporation of the historic property into the proposed Renoir condominium project. Beltline Communities requests that every available means be brought to bear to engage such a discussion immediately.

Rob Taylor, President
Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught Association

670 5499 ext 1
Rob Taylor
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Postby entheos_fog » Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:21 am

I live a block and half from the President in the Congress and I am deeply concerned about this demolition as it will affect the integrity of my neighbourhod. The President is a rare gem of an apartment building in the Beltline and needs to be saved...

I've sent my email to my alderman.
Is there anything else that can be done?
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President demo permit to be withdrawn

Postby Bob van Wegen » Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:16 am

Posted on behalf of Rob Taylor:

Beltline Communities has obtained the owner's commitment to withdraw the current demolition permit for the President Apartments. The owner's plans no longer include tearing down the building.

This does not necessarily mean that the President is definitively "saved". There are certain things that need to happen, and the ball is now in the City's court.

Essentially, the owner's new plan involves moving the building in order to construct a parkade below it. Because of the high risk to the property and the high costs involved, it would be best to store the President Apartments as close to its current site as possible. The owner has investigated this project in depth and has concluded that moving the building east into the 7th Street right-of-way during excavation and construction would be the best option. Beltline Communities will support a temporary closure of 7th Street near 12th Avenue for this purpose. This owner is using the best engineers, excavators and construction contractors available and is very serious about success.

Beltline Communities' talking directly with the owner and explaining heritage re-use as value added to development went a long way toward his "change of heart". So did the efforts of our Ward 8 Alderman and Calgary's heritage planner along with the Beltline ARP's provisions to create a market in development rights. In this case as in others, our focus on "heritage *and* development" rather than "heritage *or* development" can mean retention of an important historic property and preservation of its significant heritage defining characteristics. And all of this is in the context of building out Calgary's most vibrant "big city" district.

Think urban !!

Rob Taylor, President
Beltline Communities of Victoria and Connaught Association

670 5499 ext 1

. . . simply, creatively, relentlessly
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Postby newsposter » Tue Jul 25, 2006 3:05 pm

A land use application has been made for the site of the President Apartments and the lots next door "to accommodate Residential Densities per current Beltline ARP & preserve existing Historical Resource" :)

LOC2006-0080 Address: 801 12 AV SW Applicant: ABUGOV KASPAR
Application Date: 2006/07/20

:arrow: October 2006: The land use application is presently in circulation.

For information on the President click here: ... ?p=164#164

For the history of this issue, see the above posts.
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Postby newsposter » Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:38 pm

Renoir-President design unveiled. Note the incorporation of the President Apartments at the bottom of the tower. Not just a facade apparently - most of the President is preserved with the tower cantilevered over top. More detail as it becomes available.

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Postby newsposter » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:53 am

^ See above for photos.

:D Thank you to the many CHI members and friends who wrote to the Alderman in support of the President and made this project possible!


Renoir Suites combines old and new architectural styles
David Parker Calgary Herald

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Developer Tim Down planned to build a 17-storey condominium tower on the small piece of land he'd purchased just west of 7th Street along 12th Avenue S.W, but felt it would be rather a tight squeeze. So he bought the old wood-frame apartment block on the corner that would allow for many more units.

The President wasn't the prettiest of buildings and he expected no opposition to demolishing it, but the community and heritage people at the city said they'd rather preserve its style of architecture in the neighbourhood. Down listened -- and now he's glad.

The 33-storey Renoir Suites that Abugov Kaspar Architects has designed for the site incorporates a unique blend of old and new; a complement to the heritage building that promises to be a dramatic showcase. During construction the city has agreed to block off part of 7th Street in order to move the three-storey President onto the road while foundations are dug for a five-level underground parkade.

When it's moved back, columns for the tower will run through it before being converted into a ground floor restaurant, coffee shop and two floors of office space. The rooftop will serve as a garden and be adjoined by two floors of amenities space, including another large deck to the south adjacent to a 1,575-square-foot indoor swimming pool.

Another unique feature of the design of Renoir Suites is that 80 per cent of the 133 suites, those above mid-height, are corner units. Sizes will range from 750 square feet to a two-storey, 4,500-square-foot penthouse. Two other penthouse suites with great views and large deck areas each give 2,250 square feet of living space.

It's certainly a convenient location, being within walking distance to downtown and just across the road from a Safeway store.

The development is before planning commission this month and Clark Builders is expected to begin construction by next April and take 20 months to complete.
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Postby newsposter » Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:18 pm

Updated Feb. 7
A land use amendment for the site of the President apartments which would preserve the building as part of a high density residential development passed Calgary Planning Commission on January 25. It will go to City Council in the next few weeks. ... 6_0080.pdf

The purpose of this Land Use Amendment is to allow for redevelopment of a residential site with incorporation of an existing heritage building. The proposed Direct Control District implements the densities and bonusing provisions of the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan, and allows for future development that meets the goals and guidelines of the ARP.
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Postby newsposter » Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:57 pm

The land use amendment for the President Apartments, which would preserve the historic building at the base of a high rise tower, goes to City Council on March 12. It is a public hearing so members of the public are welcome to express their views. See the post above for a link to the details of the proposal. ^
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Postby newsposter » Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:36 am

See also ^^

March 11, 2007

Re. CPC 2007-029, Bylaw 25Z2007

To Calgary City Council:

Ward Ald. Madeleine King
Mayor David Bronconnier
Ald. Craig Burrows
Ald. Joe Ceci
Ald. Andre Chabot
Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart
Ald. Barry Erskine
Ald. Druh Farrell
Ald. Linda Fox-Mellway
Ald. Bob Hawkesworth
Ald. Dale Hodges
Ald. Ray Jones
Ald. Helene Laroque
Ald. Gord Lowe
Ald. Rick McIver

The Calgary Heritage Initiative Society (CHI) supports CPC 2007-029, Bylaw
25Z2007, the Land Use Amendment including the President Apartments* in the
Beltline, given that the purpose is to retain this historic landmark as
part of a new high density development. We encourage City Council to
consider municipal heritage designation of the President as part of this
land use amendment.

CHI wants to compliment the applicant, City staff, ward Alderman King and
the Beltline community association for designing and supporting such an
innovative approach to saving this piece of Calgary's history, while also
accommodating new development.


Janet Woolgar,
Calgary Heritage Initiative Society


*Note: The CPC report mistakenly refers to the President as a category C
building. It is listed as category B on the inventory.
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Postby newsposter » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:41 am

June 2007:

The developers have applied for a development permit for the President Apartments site. The land use (zoning), see above ^, includes retention of the President Apartments and its incorporation into the new development. Possibility of community association space in the restored building as well. More info as it becomes available.
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Postby newsposter » Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:02 pm

Renoir Suites / President Apartments project goes to Calgary Planning Commission on Feb 21 2008. Project would incorporate the President.


ITEM NO.: 10 Dwayne Drobot
PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Apartment Building (135 units) with offices and
restaurant uses.
FILE NUMBER: DP2007-1554
MUNICIPAL ADDRESS: 801, 805, 807 and 809 – 12 Avenue SW
APPLICANT: Abugov-Kaspar
OWNER: 891786 Alberta Inc
(Tim Down)
AMENDMENT: To limit parking to a maximum of 189 parking stalls (1.2
stalls / dwelling unit)
Moved by: J. Hubbell Lost: 1-6
Opposed: D. Watson, G. Lowe, R. Zazalenchuk, B.
Barrington, R. Clark, K. Lim
The Calgary Planning Commission APPROVED the
proposed Apartment Building (135 units) with offices and
restaurant uses at 801, 805, 807 and 809 – 12 Avenue
SW, in accordance with the Corporate Planning
Applications Group recommendation.
Moved by: R. Zazalenchuk Carried: 6-1
Opposed: J. Hubbell
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