5 reasons we should care about heritage preservation

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5 reasons we should care about heritage preservation

Postby cjane » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:31 am

In the following article from Toronto's NOW magazine, Enzo Di Matteo outlines clearly why everyone should care about heritage. His reasons are just as applicable to Calgary as they are to the Big Smoke.

"1. Architectural beauty is good for your brain...
2. Historic buildings are physical links to our past...
3. Historically significant buildings contribute to our city’s cultural and economic well-being – not to mention the vibrancy of street life...
4. Heritage designations boost property values...
5. Heritage preservation is more labour-intensive, which means more jobs. It’s also good for the environment..."

For the complete article: http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/story.cfm?content=185981
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