Online walking tours need revamp

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Online walking tours need revamp

Postby Janey_Canuck » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:57 am

I'm a frequent poster on the forums for a major travel website. Whenever appropriate, I recommend Calgary's historic walking tours and link the suitable online brochures: ... Tours.aspx

However, sometimes it is embarrassing to be promoting Calgary's history with such outdated materials. The gem in our crown, Stephen Avenue Walk, has lots of downloadable materials for students, but the brochure oriented towards adults dates to 1995 -- that's nearly 20 years ago! Even if there is no manpower / funding available to update the text and photos (I'm assuming that volunteer labour is not an option), it would sure be nice to have cleaner scans. Currently the text is muddy and there is a grey background, making it hard to read: ... k-tour.pdf

Although the Downtown Calgary Association has a map of Stephen Avenue, it focuses on businesses, not history - naturally enough. ... 282%29.pdf

I'm sure there used to be a much better resource on the Downtown Calgary Association website, but I can't find it anymore. Very frustrating.

Mission district / Rouleauville is being promoted as another possible National Historic District. Although the Mission District walking tour is much more easily readable (although the text is a bit blurry), it is still outdated: ... low-sc.pdf
This would be a perfect time to update the walking tour brochure. Compare its appearance to the French tour of Rouleauville, which has a much more modern, readable design: ... uville.pdf
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Re: Online walking tours need revamp

Postby jaronwhittingham » Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:00 pm

Hi, I agree that the Stephen Avenue map isn't quite sufficient from a historic point of view. Perhaps you can send me an email, The CDA will be releasing a new map in the near future, and it'd be good to get your perspective/input on how we can make the maps valuable for both businesses, history buffs and the average citizen/tourist.

Thanks! your dedication to historical preservation is inspiring.
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